LiveIntentional 100:
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Help us celebrate our 100th episode with a recap of our top ten episodes and some inside info that you are sure to enjoy!

Episode #1

Tuesday, April 8th 2014
Happy Birthday Gmail

How we did it:


Open Conference Room

Mac Book Pro

Our Top Ten Episodes

You are a part of a global audience. And who says you’re not “worldly”?

LiveIntentional is viewed by people all over this wonderful planet, but chances are you’re "Getting All Up In It" somewhere in 'Merica.

You love your smartphone, but clearly Nick belongs on the “Big Screen.”

The mobile audience is important, but chances are you watch LiveIntentional in between spreadsheets on your Desktop...and you're using Google Chrome.

You like us, You really like us!

We’re a weekly B2B video series that explains and pokes fun at the marketing, advertising, and publishing tech spaces.
Yet, in spite of all that, your interest in our videos has only grown as time's goes on. High Five!

Episode #100

Saturday, March 26th 2016:
"Display Advertising: Who Killed It?"

How we did it:

Panasonic G5 camera

Mac Pro

5 Studio Lights



And...The TEAM

Serena J.

Steve Z.

Nick D.

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